Lazarus is Dead


March 20, 2022

Lazzie Bear and I said our goodbyes during one of my many teenage urges to grow up faster, but the sight of a hatted, scarved polar bear still evokes everything of childhood Christmas. Only the name of the defunct department store that marketed itself successfully enough to evoke nostalgia—but not successfully enough to survive—bears any relation to this blog post.

Lazarus is dead, but this blog will rise again.

The time that passed since my last interaction here brought updates to Hugo and a few other things. While I was tinkering under the hood, it seemed as good a time as any to swap out the previous theme I’d hacked from Hugo-Envisioned.1 The new theme is modified from Hugo-Prose, with a promising-but-still-vexing search widget2 and some neat CSS tricks for dark mode. These tricks are now also applied to the rest of the site.

More coming soon, including a writeup about recent changes to biblatex-mla and an explanation for using rmd4mla.


  1. I might have gotten it from here:↩︎

  2. Details on where and how to tell Hugo to run fuse.js were tragically lost in Alexandria.↩︎


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