CS 112: Introduction to Big Data

Unit 1 - Fundamentals of Big Data

Week 1

These are slides from the first week, introducing some general (business-oriented) concepts of big data, and ending with a (non-business-oriented) case study in using techniques from data analytics to make sense of a complicated idea in literature.

Introductory Slides

Week 2

Week 4

Unit 2 - Mapping and Analysis with ArcGIS

Unit 3 - Computational Analysis with R

Week 9

Week 10

Political Tweets

This week, we're working with a data set of politicians' deleted tweets from the Politwoops project. The data can be downloaded here politwoops.csv.

Week 11 (classes suspended)

Because of disruptions from COVID-19, classes this week were suspended. Below is a bonus lesson on data visualization using ggplot2, which, depending on how you look at it, is more complicated or more simple than visualizing with base R graphics.